Looking Back

I've finally created a shiny new space to share some photos I've taken over the years. As I'm reminiscing through hard drives full of content, I find myself realizing 2 things in particular. 

1. I shot A LOT of shit. I mean, I've been very lucky to have been basically using the World to learn and evolve in photography, but man, I've taken so many crappy photos. My style has changed so many times along the way as well. Maybe better, maybe not, but the point is I'm still inspired to pick up my camera. 

2. I've had the ultimate pleasure of meeting so many amazing people from every end of the World. Sifting through all my "oldies" has really given me perspective on how privileged I've been to have crossed paths with everyone you'll see in my photographs. 

I guess I'll always continue to evolve with what appeals to me enough to photograph. That being said, I'll be happy to share it here going forward.